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|| Foodstuffs (Breakfast, Spaghetti, Rices, Canned Foods, Vegetables, Cookies)
|| Drinks (Juices, Milk and Deary Foods, Alcoholic Beverages)
|| Care and Personal Hygiene (Soap and Detergents, Cosmetics)
|| Electronics Appliances (TVs, Fridges, Kettle..etc)
|| Century Plastics Products
|| PHILIPS Electronics and Other Brands
|| Food Products, Household Appliance, Electronic, Vehicles
|| Quality and classic furniture for homes, offices, hotels,etc.Also, we offer repair and installation
|| Track and provide for all our clients whiles their Cargo is en-route to enable them focus on their
|| Provides services in Electronics
|| Multipurpose liquid soap(Maximum Order Quantity 5000 -10000 gallons/ month)
|| Offers a wide range of Corporate, Retail and Treasury products and services in Ghana, including loca
|| Cultivation of organic and non-organic rice ,Purchase of raw paddy from local farmers , Processing
|| Processes products like butter, cocoa powder and liquor. Chocolate bars, chocolate dragée, chocolat
|| Products like Ideal and Carnation milk, Milo, Cerevita, Cerelac and Nescafe 3 in 1 etc.
|| Production of vegetable oil, gari and other food product lines like various food seasonings
|| Already prepared and packaged banku balls, banku floor, chopped and dehydrated konkomire, fanti kenk
|| Produces spices and as well as grades, sorts and roasts peanuts for further production into chocolat
|| production of biscuits like COREEN biscuit known as ‘Hye me ma’, All Time, Digestive, Malt and M
|| Produces healthy, nutritious and quality vegetables, herbs & spices.
|| Provide fresh, tasty, healthy produce, guinea fowl grown on our own farms and via our co-operati
|| Packages brown sugar and produces assorted nutritious food products like cereal-plus, Tom Brown, Dry
|| Produces juice and beverages in different flavours , freshly squeezed 100% natural fruit juice.
|| Supplies pubs and clubs with its drinks.
|| Manufacturer and distributor of new specialty juices with the combination of HERBS.
|| Fresh Fruits: Orange fruit, Lime fruit and Lemon fruit. Dried Peels: Dried Orange and Lemon peels. C
|| 00% REFRESHING fruit juices, Fruit Cocktail, Pineapple, Orange and Tropical Mango
|| hot breads ,Puffs & Pies. Delight in this creamy combination of potatoes, broccoli, button mushroom
|| Manufacturing company that processes millet, beans, corn, sorghum among others into flour for conve
|| Wheat Powder. Gari. Konkonte Powder. Unripe Plantain Chips. Cocoyam Chips. Sweet Potato Chips. Ripe
|| natural mineral water Verna, soft drinks and energy drinks.
|| Produce milk drinks, biscuits, and other products from tiger nuts.
|| Distributor of fine wines, spirits and beer
|| Beverage Manufacturing , Fruit and Vegetable Preserving and Specialty Food Manufacturing , Grocery a
|| Product types range from pure juices to juice drinks, energy drinks, milk, and flavored soy milk.
|| Company is working in Parties, Food Retailers, Food Products, Chemicals business activities.
|| Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Food, Beverages & Tobacco, Chemicals, Cleaning Prod
|| Product includes spirits, beers, lagers and stouts as well as ready-to-drink products.
|| Beer, Wine, and Distilled Alcoholic Beverage Merchant Wholesalers , Merchant Wholesalers, Nondurabl
|| Manufacturer/distributor of beer and non-alcoholic malt beverages
|| Offers fruit drinks and plant-based milk. It offers its products under the FANYOGO, FANCHOCO, SUPER
|| Beverage Manufacturing , Grocery and Related Product Merchant Wholesalers , Plastics Product Manufac
|| Coca-Cola's full range of drinks.
|| . Extreme Clean® Whitening ; Pure Breath Action ; Deep Action ; Everyday . Cavity Protection ; Extr
|| Cowbell Coffee, Chocomalt, Strawberry, Mocha, Coconut and Banana. Miksi, "a creami, tasti" alternat
|| Restaurants and Other Eating Places , Grocery and Related Product Merchant Wholesalers , Beverage Ma
|| Beverage Manufacturing , Beer, Wine, and Distilled Alcoholic Beverage Merchant Wholesalers , Bever
|| Rice, cooking oil, sugar, printing of packaging labels, construction, exotic champagnes spirits and
|| Fruit and Tree Nut Farming , Grocery and Related Product Merchant Wholesalers , Aquaculture , Other
|| Verna Natural Mineral Water is in 330ml, 500ml, and 1.5litre bottles.
|| A charity driven bottled purified water
|| Natural Mineral Water
|| Produce purified bottled and sachet drinking water and ice cubes
|| Production, packaging, and distribution of water in bottles, jars (for water dispensers), sachets, a
|| Processing of fruit juices and sachet snacks
|| Whole seeds include Mustard, Fenugreek, Fennel and Cumin. Rice Flakes Rice Flakes or Beaten rice
|| Sells and exports organic commodities in Bulk from Ghana: Shea butter, Shea Nuts.
|| Offers beers, non–alcoholic beverages, barley malt beers, large beers, flavored beers, Belgium be
|| Growing and processing crude palm oil to produce oil products for domestic consumption.
|| Rice,oil, minerals, maize, sardines, ideal milk & product,