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The World Largest Diaspora Database with Communication
and Diaspora Business Management Apps.


The Wait is over! Start business in your homeland country today and control everything right where you are: Purchases and logistics, sales, production, raw materials, all in one solution: DiaspoApp. The Heads of Mission are now equipped DiaspoApp ConsularERP which they can use to connect and manage all diaspora communities under their jurisdiction and disseminate pertinent business information relevant to your investment. Business Investors from the diaspora communities around the world can also manage and control the movement of goods and money right in their country of residence with DiaspoApp Business Intelligence Applications with total security. The conducive atmosphere is created - Start Investing Today.

The world will need 70 per cent more food, as measured by calories, to feed a global population of 9.6 billion in 2050, demanding a doubling of the world’s food supply. We all need to eat, so how do we get there? A lot of investment is needed in Agribusiness to match the demand and we need the diaspora agribusinessmen to invest in the sector. In signing up to DiaspoApp, please provide your agribusiness experiences to help government harness the skills and expertise of the diaspora for national development.

There is a high demand of household products as the population is growing and there is a need to establish manufacturing plants in injection molding, blow molding, Sack, packaging industries among others. This is a green area where investment is needed to produce raw materials for packaging agricultural products and add value to them before exports. Diaspora Investment is heavily needed. If you are an investor or expert in plastic technology or industry, provide your skillset when signing up to DiaspoApp.

Packed with all the gems and goodies, Diaspo App Logistic ERP is our flagship Diaspora Business Management Solution for International Business men in the Diaspora to import and purchase goods from anywhere in the world and prepare the required business documents right online. With Logistic ERP you can prepare your purchase order, you can edit and print your purchase invoice based on the order, make payment and generate your payment voucher to your business in your homeland country and to your supplier. You can also update the Documents received the supplier such as Bill of Lading and make all logistic payments and clearing charges right in the software.

You can use Logistic ERP to transfer delivery to sales warehouse or to production warehouse and manage your trading inventory and suppliers accounts with greater satisfaction. Diasporans, you do not need to worry. Start your investment today in your homeland country and be in charge of every single transaction. Use Logistic ERP.

Production ERP also known as PowerEngine Cloud ERP and OEE is developed on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to measure the production floor performance of a manufacturing plant. PowerEngine Cloud ERP helps you to manage and take full control of your production. Target is calculated based on the cycle time and cavity and the machine efficiency and performance is generated automatically shiftwise, daily, monthly and yearly with grapical analytical reports such as rate of quality production, machine contribution to total output, shift performance report, production analytical reports and yearly comparative reports, rejection analysis among others. PowerEngine Production ERP has been use for the past 20 years in the leading manufacturing firms such as injection molding, blow molding, PET/Preform bottling company, Plastic Extrusion, Printing, Cutting and slitting, sacks among others. If your expertise in this field, then join us to work together.

There are many other areas where diasporans can invest in their homeland countries and we have modules that can help you to manage your business where you are. We have Cloud Healthcare also known as ClinicApp for managing healthcare services. Also available is School ERP for educational training products amd SeedFund to manage financial investments

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